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February 14, 2010

Village 2
Saturday we left for the coastal village around 11. It was a 3 hour drive and the last part was very bumpy. Keeping up with Estuardo was great fun. Those of that road in the van with Bryan had a rollar coasteresk ride trying to keep up with Estuardo. It was fun. When we got to the village we got a very warm welcome for as we walked past them they clapped for us. This village is a refuge camp and have been there for 7 years and this was the first time they have had a medical clinic and they were very thankful that we were there. It was very muggy but we got started with the medical clinic and saw about 102 families, almost 400 people, it made for a long clinic but we made it through. While we were in the clinic the rest of the group played with the villages. There was more room so they played a couple rousing games of soccer. The ones not playing soccer had another beauty clinic going and when they were done with that they played other games with them and even used the sound system to do the macarena, the chicken dance and the hokey pokey and from the sounds heard in the clinic in was great fun. When it got dark the Jesus film was started and everything got quiet. The clinic was still going. Those of us in the clinic were unable to be outside when it was time for the singing and testimonies. Another four people shared their testimonies, another song was sung and then Hermano Jesus shared a message. Those of us in the clinic were able to make it out for most of the message. Not as many people accepted the call tonight but their were many that were harvested and in the rest we planted a seed. Again Hermano Jesus did not ask them to come forward he had them stand where they were to say the salvation prayer. When this was done the food and goodie bags were passed out. This village was a very thankful village. We all lost count of how many hugs and words of thanks we recieved. Things were going so good we didn’t take a break to eat the sandwiches we had brought along so we ate on the drive back to the base.


February 14, 2010

Village 1
Friday was village day one. We went to a village about and 1 and a half hours from the base. It was a smaller village with about 39 families. We had some issues with one of the vans overheating so it took us a little longer to get there because we had to stop so they could cool off the radiator. The roads were very hilly with steep inclines but we made it to the village safely. We got right to work and brought all the meds and things into the room where we would have the clinic. The area where the group members not helping in the clinic would be was small but they made it work. Some of the guys went up to the road to play soccer with the boys and men and some of the women set up a beauty clinic where the girls and women were getting their hair done and their fingers nails painted. You could also look out and all kinds of kids sitting around coloring. It was a very cool sight to see the group playing with the Guatemalans and building relationships and planting seeds. The clinic went very smoothly and we didn’t see anyone that needed other medical help than what Dan and Johanna could give them. The clinic was close to being done when the Jesus film was started. Once we were done in the clinic we all ate a quick meal and went out to sit with the villagers to watch the rest of the film. After the film was done we went up to the front and sang a couple of songs and four of our group gave some very moving testimonies. We then sang Days of Elijah for a second time at Hermano Jesus’ request. Then Hermano Jesus gave a very moving message based on one of the groups testimonies. At the end instead of having those that wanted to accept Jesus Christ come to the front he had them just kneel where they were standing or sitting and about 90 percent of the people got down on their knees!! It was definetly a God moment. After we were done with the salvation prayer Hermano Jesus had us sing Days of Elijah again from where we were standing among the villagers, which according to Dan he has never done before. We handed out Bibles to all the adults and all the kids got little pamphlets. We handed out the food and then went back to the base and went to bed.

February 12, 2010

Work Day 3, Dedication Day

Today was a great day. We finished the houses, putting on the roofs and painting the inside of the houses. Each group picked a verse to put on the wall of the homes and we got to decorate the walls with whatever we wanted, some used flowers, others drew mountains. After we were done with that we enjoyed another great lunch and then it was dedication time. We started at the bottom of the path and worked our way up. The Lord worked in great ways in each of the families. Each and every family we built for accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. It didn’t come that easy though. In the second house the Husband first said no when the question was put to him. Dan had everyone that was outside “reengage” and pray specifically for the husband and when asked the question again a few moments later he accepted, and since he had accepted the whole family was able to accept. When we got to the third house we found that the mothers family had come from a different village to be with her for the dedication of her house. They all accepted Christ. The fourth house was a little different the husband, father is an alcoholic and was not there. So we thought it would be very difficult for the family to accept because in Guatemalan culture the family isn’t to do anything without the father’s approval. In this case Hermano Jesus told the oldest son that since the father was not there he was the head of the home and that it was his decision and Dan had us reengage again specifically for Pedro and after some struggling on his part he accepted as did the rest of the family. Keep all of these families in your prayers. After we had dedicated all of the houses we had a little fiesta time and had a piñata for the children which, was great fun. Hermano Jesus also pulled out a guitar and sang with the children. We ended the night with a supper of pizza and celebratory devotions for all the lives that had been saved. Friday we will be ending out to out first village so please be in prayer for us for safety and for the lives of the village that we are going to.

Arrival Day and Work Day 1

February 9, 2010

Arrival Day:
Flights here arrived smoothly and we arrived at the base safe and sound. We arrived early enough that we hit the ground running.
We were able to get all the clothes, toys, etc organized. We even bagged some meds. Bedtime came early since we had been up since about
11 o’clock Sunday night with only little naps to sustain us.

Work Day 1:
We were up at 5am and out the door by 6. We were in the van for about 2 hours and just as we were getting there about to go down
the last steep hill we had to pull over due to one of the vans brakes smoking horrifically. It took 2 trips to get us down to the work site.
We split into four groups to build four houses. All on different “levels”. We got all wals up with drywall and outside board and the drywall
mudded. We all had fun playing with the kids after they got out of school. Everyone emptied their candy bags. Matt had fun running up and down
the very steep path that we all had to use to get to our houses. Stacie had all the girls following her around and they all wanted to come
back with her. We enjoyed a great lunch of rice, beans and tortillas. At the end of the day we got hurried along so that we wouldn’t have to try
and make it back up the hill in the dark because we didn’t know if the one vans breaks would hold.We made it up the hill with little problems.
Just Dan having to have his foot through the floor to get us enough gas to make it up. We had a wonderful dinner and are waiting to have devotions.
Please keep us in your prayers as we go to the work site again tomorrow and have dedication day on Thursday.

January 20, 2010

Work Day 2

Today was another beautiful day of working. We saw the Lord moving in many different ways. Whether it was from the father of one of the homes we were building repeating numerous times how beautiful his home was to watching team members play with the kids and them singing together to how well we all worked together getting the stucco on the houses to watching another father smiling and seeming so proud that he was getting a house to seeing how many people we could fit into a full size van. Just so you know we fit 21 Vrieslanders, 2 Guatemalans and 2 Missionaries( Dan and his volunteer for the winter, Nate). We needed to do this at the top of the steep hill that we had problems with on Day 1. We didn’t want to have any more smoking brakes.

We got the stucco on all the houses 3 out of the four porches up and all the windows and doors on. Some of us got more sun than we needed but it was a good day. We got back to the mission base and packed suitcases for out families. We put in clothes, shoes, toothpaste, toothbrushes and anything else we could think of. We ended the night with a Devotion from Dan which is hard to put into words. Please keep us in your prayers on Thursday afternoon as we dedicate the houses present Christ’s love to them. We will not know where they stand until we give them their house. Thanks for all your prayers and we will post more tomorrow, pictures will be up soon also.